Where do I begin?

I seriously don’t know. (Now, that’s something)

Today, a friend asked me to check her blog and I was, ‘Wait! I should be working on mine, too!’

So let us give her a credit for this. Go follow her blog at http://ahebrewprincess.wordpress.com/

Oh! Yeah. That’s me. The envious, crappy blogging nut. Hahaha :))

Let me start by sharing a few things that I love.

Milk Tea for one.

I do things randomly. I happen to crave for milk tea this lazy Sunday afternoon while waiting for my friend to finish her new do at the Jesi Mendez Salon in Cash & Carry Mall  located in Makati.

I remembered seeing somebody sipping what seems to be a dose of milk tea. I don’t know what and where he bought it (there are alot of things I don’t) but I didn’t bother to ask. I’m confident it’s somewhere inside the mall.


Cha Dao Tea Place.

Neatly tucked at the Ground Floor of the food court area.



Surprisingly, alot of people are flocking the stall and I had a good feeling it’s worth it.


This is the same cup design I saw on the man at the entrance. Bingo!


Their cup design is artsy, too. I began to wonder why milk tea cup designs are mostly in green. Uhmm… something to ponder upon.

Another thing to think about is what does ‘Cha Dao’ means.  Anyway, let’s give this milk tea a take.


Here is their menu. Now, what?

When I don’t know what to order, I go for the best seller as advertised.

I bought Assam Milk Tea with pearls as sinkers and I got another flavour for my friend; Wintermelon Tea. They only cost me Php 150 for large ones with pearls on both. My second impression? Very affordable.


I instantly liked it. It gave me that milk tea fix. I will try their Cha Yen Milk Tea which is another best seller next time. Oh! I can’t wait! 🙂

Like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chadaoteaplace


Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChaDaoTeaPlace

The way of milk tea at Cha Dao Tea Place:

Savour the moment… Whatever type of day you’re having, relax and enjoy with a cup of Cha Dao. Caress the glass, don’t hug it, sip the tea, don’t gulp it.



It manifests.

There we go again. Another year to try; to become better than we were before, to be different and at least make a change in this hopeless place.

These are the words I try to live by.

How about you?